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Lianyungang Changxin Bio-Chem Co.,Ltd

[China] Mycoprotein

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Description : Mycoprotein is the processed cellular mass
derived from ferment waste liquid, which has
high content of protein, Amino Acid,contains
useful amounts of trace elements and vitamins
Main Specifications:Crude Protein ≥%65
Moisture ≤ %8
Ash ≤ %5
Application: Mycoprotein could substitute fishmeal as
animal protein. It is mainly used as feed.
Package: 25Kg Kraft paper bag
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Lianyungang Changxin Bio-Chem Co.,Ltd

Street:Chaoyang Road No.9
Postal code:222001
Phone: +86 518 5509707
Fax: +86 518 5509705

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Name and Surname: Song Shicheng
Phone: +86 518 5509707
Mobile: +86 13815669558
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